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Time for a Spring Clean?

Having a spring clean is one important aspect that we urge every household to do!

The phrase may make you long to hibernate amid the dust just a little longer and we sympathise – but after all those months of muddy boots being dragged through the house and everything looking tired and sad – it’s time for you to find your enthusiasm and get your home ready for summer.

woman ready for spring cleaning

With just a bit of care and attention, your home can shrug off those winter blues and be fully ready for the summer period. See our tips below to help you get through your spring cleaning – and perhaps even enjoy it!

  • Remove Clutter Around the Front Door

Shoes are the worst culprits for creating clutter around the front door, so why not purchase a plastic, cloth or even a wooden shoe rack inside your front entry door. This will encourage people to put their shoes away and you can also use it to stash other kinds of living room miscellany – like toys, hats, gloves, bags etc. It all makes the difference!

  • Reorganise Your Bookcase

Is your bookcase looking tired and unorganised? Try rearranging your bookcases – whether its booksCD’s or DVD’s that you store on there – start arranging them by size and subject, or even alphabetically.

  • Attack the Toy Cupboard

Are toys taking over your home? With summer on the way the promise of more days spent out in the garden rather than in the playroom, it makes sense to do a quick check of the toy situation in your home.

Try to take a hard-line approach with your kids, if you have any safe and useable toys that your child doesn’t use anymore – why not think about donating them to a local play group or charity shop?

  • Put those Winter Woollies Away

This is the perfect time to give your family’s wardrobe a good clear out! Make it your first task to get rid of all those unused accessories and clothes, then organise the rest so that it looks appealing.

Then try to clear some space by moving those thick woolly jumpers into storage or to the back of your wardrobe. And don’t forget – wardrobes often get dusty too, so this might be the perfect opportunity to give them a wipe down.

  • Give All Woodwork A Wipedown

Wood furniture deserves a little TLC from time to time – so if your shelves, side tables and drawers are looking a little unloved, then it might be time to improve how they look. Choose some decent furniture polish and give them  a good polish – this will help to restore the beauty of the untreated wood.

  • Create a Different Mood in Your Home

It’s the simplest of things that can make a change to your home – try switching things around seasonally using different colours or patterns to your bedding, towels and even table linens. This will create a quick and easy change which makes all the difference for creating a different mood in your home.

Although many of us think that spring cleaning can be a daunting task – you’ll be pleased you’ve done it in the long run. So just be sure to follow our tips – these should all be more effective and less time consuming so that you’ll have a tidy, sparkling house in no time!

By Tony Fitz-Costa – Check me out on Google+.

Shelfstore is a system of creating furniture, shelving and storage solutions around your ideas – in any size, and to fit your space.



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