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Tame Your Kids Clutter With A Little Help From Shelfstore

Wherever kids live, clutter reigns – that’s inevitable.

So if your home is starting to resemble Santa’s workshop after a busy day, then perhaps now is the time to start thinking about how you can make your home a little more organised.

It’s time to bring order to toy land – and all you need is a few tricks and stylish storage solutions to help you sort, store and beautify their messes….

Organise toys and keep them at an easy reach

For those toys that are always used by your kids – you want to store them somewhere that is going to be easily accessible for them. Shelves are ideal for keeping their collections together. Just remember to keep the toys that are often used easily reachable.

Toy boxes

These are good for toys such as cars, Lego, board games etc. – but just remember that kids tend to forget what they have – so be prepared for them tipping everything out on the floor. Try to schedule some regular tidy up time so they know they’re going to have to clear away at the end of the day. It would also be useful to label your boxes so your kids are more likely to know what’s in there before tipping it all out onto the floor


Toys always tend to find their way on adult living space – therefore it’s a good idea to consider installing a made to measure bookcase in your children’s room that is both functional as well as stylish. This smart Shelfstore system below is perfect and will last from when your kids are tots right through to their teenage years.

7_Google_Version_2_Tight_OptJust remember, those storage solutions can’t do all the work – you need to have some rules in place to keep the toy clutter down.



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