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Lifecycle of Storage

Whilst the world moves on, things evolve and change, we grow up – and with growing up – our worldly possessions seem to double.

This week we’re looking at the lifecycle of our storage.

The student

Students need a room basically and that’s it. Life is far too much fun to spend time in bed
or at home so a basic room share in a house or small studio or one-bedroom flat will suffice.  Unfortunately small living space comes hand in hand with small storage space. Clothes, cds, books, games, beer bottles, sports stuff and memorabilia from trips to Brighton tend to dominate student storage space. Good shelving and stacked boxing should do the job.

The young couple

Moving up and in with each other is an exciting time for any couple. Getting on the property ladder is a serious achievement – even if it’s a tiny studio apartment with a fold away dining table, if it’s yours – it’s amazing. The joining of the belongings is always an interesting time, two of everything and only one home. Hoarders will find this time in their life quite taxing – it’s all about being ruthless but open to compromise! With a new home comes new responsibility and new belongings – as a young couple you’ll find that you own ‘serious’ items now – spice racks, cooking books and ironing boards…scary! With all this ‘serious’ stuff now in your life, you’ll need some serious storage – more shelving and more wardrobe space.

The young family

Once a baby arrives it is all change – young families often need to move house, upgrading from apartments to houses etc. Many young families require more space for more belongings that come hand in hand with having a baby. Babies are small but they come with a lot of baggage!  Nappies, clothes, bottles, toys, blankets, baths and car seats – are all added to the belongings list. Being organised as new parents is key to keeping your head above the water – having adequate storage systems in place for when the new addition arrives is always a huge help.

The established family

The family is maturing and the children are at big schools and taking studying seriously. Mum and Dad have busy careers and hobbies with belongings that date back over ten/fifteen years. With more children at school, with more hobbies and more belongings – storage is key to family life. Children have books, sports equipment, clothes and toys to house away and mum and dad have more ‘stuff’ than ever!

Keep on top of your storage requirements by adding to your shelving if and when life decides that you need it!

Shelfstore is a system of creating furniture, shelving and storage solutions around your ideas – in any size, and to fit your space.

Have a go at creating your own shelving system using our easy to use design wizard:

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