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How To Sneak A Little More Shelving Around Your Home

We could all use more storage space in our homes, whether we need it to accommodate our ever expanding shoe collection, display our favourite collectables or make room for a new addition to the family.

If you want to make the most of your homes storage potential, it’s useful to make the most of every inch of space you have and turn it into storage. The team at Shelfstore have put together some ideas on how you can feel instantly organised and in control of your home…

Fill unavoidable open gaps with shelving

There’s always going to be a few gaps here and there even when you’ve done your best to maximize your homes storage potential. Don’t let them go to waste! Walk through your home and try to spot those small unused gaps that could be filled and consider how you could be making the most of it. Shelves that are made to measure will work best as they create storage in places that an off the shelf product would not be able to utilise…


Make the most of your wall space

If there’s one room that could always do with more storage – it’s the kitchen! To get more storage from this space, take a look at how high your ceilings are, and try to utilise your entire wall space. If your cabinets or shelving only goes so high then consider how you can make the most of the space above it. Just be sure to keep this space for items you don’t use as much. They might be slightly harder to get hold of.

pantry 1

Invest in a custom piece of furniture

Bespoke storage solutions are a great investment for those of you looking to find the perfect fit for an unused space. These are often awkward spaces such as a sloped ceiling, awkward alcove or even under the stairs. Consider creating some custom made storage – not only will this cleverly hide away the items you normally store there but it will keep your space looking organised.


Multitasking furniture

Dual functional products are another great way of incorporating practical storage into your household. The shelving system below is not only a place for this customer’s television, but it also manages to hold their entire book collection by making the most of their available wall space. You’ll also notice it’s also making the most of the space above the radiator. Something like this can be done in any other room of your home e.g. you could have tall narrow cupboards around your bed with shelving on the top. The options are endless!

Bridgine beam 1

If you can think of any other clever ways you can add some more shelf space in your home then be sure to tweet your ideas to @Shelfstore.

If you have any questions about the Shelfstore system then be sure to tweet us @Shelfstore or take a look at our website – where you’ll be able to create shelving and storage solutions around your ideas, in any size – to fit your space.



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