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SHELFSTORE specialise in domestic and commercial shelving systems. In fact we have over two hundred and fifty basic shelving unit sizes. You can vary the width, depth and height to suit your personal requirements. Click on the images to the right to view some of our shelving solutions.

With hundreds of basic sizes, the efficient storage of small items like paperbacks, CDs, videos and DVDs is as easy as that for large storage boxes, files and games.

Design your own shelving online in 4 steps:

Step 1 -

Select the shelving depth using the wizard to the right and click 'Start'

Step 2 -

On the next page select the amount of bays you would like.

Step 3 -

Select any extras e.g. Wall brackets and backboards

Step 4 -

Order & recieve your new shelving unit the next day

Select Depth

14 cm
18 cm
24 cm
30 cm
40 cm
50 cm

Multiple Depths

Shelves come in depths of 14, 18, 24, 30, 40 or 50cm, heights of 48, 78, 118, 148, 183, 218 or 248cm, and widths of 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100 and 120cm.

The Shelves You Need

You decide how many shelves are put into each section. There is 5cm between every hole in the uprights, except from the floor to the first hole, which is is 6cm. Each shelf is 2cm thick.

Adjustable Support

Our shelving has a unique support method. Steel shelf supports fit diagonally into the upright holes and the groove under each shelf. This means that the heavier the load the more stable the shelf. Position shelves where you wish on the uprights. Move a shelf, in 5cm increments, within seconds.

Quality Strong Pine

Unlike plastic systems each shelf is made from high quality pine and can hold up to 100kg, so you can rest assured your unit will last for years on end, even with large amounts of heavy books weighing around 30kg and covering 100cm.

Ideal for Offices

Creating your own shelving solution can also be ideal for offices. Select the size and amount of shelves you need to store files, paperwork and hardware.

Create your very own wooden shelving system to suit your home and maximise your space. Store books, CDs, DVDs, and equipment with ease and keep goods organised with a practical shelving solution. Our modular units can be easily installed and re-arranged when you move home or want to change the design to store or display any extra items you accumulate. Modular storage solutions are created to save both time and money. As our shelves are lightweight and they're easy to transport - ideal for those who often move house.

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