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Fills in the gap between the floor & underside of the bottom shelf *Height 6cms. **Previously referred to as Fascia

How to Install a Plinth
Plinth PDF 1 How to Install a Plinth


 Code  Height  Width  Depth  Cost
FA30 6 cm  30 cm    £6.57 
FA40 6 cm  40 cm    £7.06 
FA50 6 cm  50 cm    £7.37 
FA60 6 cm  60 cm    £8.15 
FA70 6 cm  70 cm    £8.81 
FA80 6 cm  80 cm    £9.04 
FA90 6 cm  90 cm    £9.92 
FA100 6 cm  100 cm    £10.77 
FA120 6 cm  120 cm    £12.83 

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