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How to Get Your Shelving Looking Fabulous – 6 Tips

Once you’ve bought your shelves, assembled them and stood back to admire your handy work the next step is finding some suitable residents to decorate your new shelving with.


Of course many of us will have plenty of belongings and items to get stacking with, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be creative with our shelving decorations. This week we thought we’d give you some design tips on how to get your shelving looking fabulous.

1. Colour Co-ordinate Books on your Shelves

If you are using your shelving to accommodate an extensive literary collection, try arranging your books by cover colour. A rainbow selection of books can look pretty impressive when walking into a room.

*Tip – Word on the street is that library sales are a great way to stock up on any colours you are missing or lacking in.

2 . Showcase Your Hobbies

Your interests and your hobbies should show through in the design of your home and the accessories you choose to decorate with. Your family, your everyday life and the real essence of you should shine through. What better way to spotlight memories, family photos, art work, and sports treasures than on your shelving.

3. Go Big

Small items gathered together on shelving can gather dust, look messy and fairly non eventful. Be bold with your accessory choices. The bigger, the better! Vases, pottery and large art books are good staple items that will make an impressive statement.

4. Like for Like

Create groups of items to house together on your shelving – grouping things in similar categories will look impressive – stick to similar accessories in themes, colours and shapes.

5. Create Contrasting Height

A shelving ‘no no’ – is lining up items of the same height in a row. The monotony of the repeated size tends to look flat and boring. You can create contrast in the height of items by placing them on stacked books – use wood, cake stands and platforms to give the appearance of high and low items.

6. Keep Your Shelving in Line with Your Style

If you are a very minimalist person and live in a modern studio flat, keep your shelving decorations in harmony with that vibe. Don’t be worried about having spare and simple shelves with only one or two objects on them. If that’s your look, then go with it – shelving and all!


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