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Eight Home Improvement Resolutions for 2014

It’s the start of a New Year and you know what they say – a New Year brings new beginnings.

Have you woken up in the New Year feeling like you need to make a change for 2014?

Many of us have different goals, aspirations and personal triumphs that we hope to achieve in a New Year but maybe all you’re really looking for is a small and simple change. It may be that all you want is a new look in your home? If you feel like your home is getting tired – then make it your resolution to freshen up and improve your home.

Have a think – take a look round your home and see if there is any potential for changes. Walk through and make a wish list as well as a list of necessities – with your lists in place you can plan to make things happen!

If you’re not sure what you want, then here are just a few possibilities that you could be thinking about – take a look at our 8 home improvement tips (these will get your mind thinking creatively):

1.       Improve My Interior Design

It’s a New Year and you may be thinking that it’s time for a change in some of the rooms in your home. Instead of thinking why not start doing – start the change now and seek out some inspiration! Have a quick flick through some design magazines or even take a trip to your favourite paint store – this will give you some ideas.

Tip: By getting your ideas in now, you’ll get more done ahead of time – making your project more stress free.

2.       Add a Lick of Paint

Painting the house is something great to do and even though it’s one of the most low cost home improvements you can make – it can add around £2000 to the value of your home. Simply by refreshing/cleaning your walls you’ll create an impression that the whole room has been redesigned.

3.       Streamline your Stuff

No excuses — that clutter has got to go! One of the least expensive ways to feel better about your home is to clear the clutter. Each year most of us acquire a mountain of stuff and without some regular purging, cabinets and drawers get jam-packed.

Resolve this issue and go room-by-room periodically clearing anything that you don’t use and donate it to charity. Then be sure to think twice about what you bring in. Start by creating more storage space so you can stash stuff easily.

4.       At a loss for New Storage Space?

Do we ever have enough storage space? Storage space is something we all run out of at this time of year! But if you think about it, you’ve probably got some storage space that you didn’t know you had or even some potential places where a storage unit could go. Put up a high shelf between the walls of a narrow hallway, and tuck storage in out-of-the-way nooks, such as under-the stairs.

5.       Convert your Garage Space

This is a cheap and easy way to increase the size of your home as well as turning it into the ideal place that can serve as a workshop for other projects.

It rarely requires planning permission as long as you’re not increasing the size of it, and once you’ve transformed this space you can use it as you wish (just be sure to still leave some room for the car).

6.       Update Lighting

A task that’s very popular when it comes creating a new look in the home – mainly because there are so many options of lights to choose from.  Lighting can change the mood and atmosphere of any room.

7.       Replace Windows and Doors

At the start of the New Year (it’s usually cold) and people tend to think about ways to make their home more energy efficient. Air may leak from your old windows and door which is taxing on your utility bills – so maybe it’s time for you to replace the old, with new materials!

8.       Give Your Garden a Redesign

Garden maintenance is a cheap and effective way to revamp your property – if you do it yourself it can even cost nothing and give you a workout at the same time. Giving it regular maintenance like weeding, mowing and weatherproofing sheds, fences and garden furniture is worthwhile.

Tip: Spending small amounts of time and money on simple garden maintenance will save you spending a lot of money in the long run.


We hope these top tips will come in handy when thinking about making any changes to your home for the New Year.  Just don’t try to do them all at once!

By Tony Fitz-Costa – Check me out on Google+.

Shelfstore is a system of creating furniture, shelving and storage solutions around your ideas – in any size, and to fit your space.



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